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Word of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI)

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The Word of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI) is a ministry/leadership training centre, whose curriculum revolves around excellence in life and ministry, training men to make positive marks in their generation; making men out of children and giants out of dwarfs.

The Institute which came into being in September 1986, has Dr. David Oyedepo as its Founding President and since its inception has lived up to its God-given mandate for raising the foundation of many other ministries.

The primary focus of the Institute has been to inculcate covenant excellence in leadership and ministry. In pursuit of this, WOFBI currently has over 30 campuses in different African nations.

Over the years, Lagos campus alone has graduated over fifteen thousand students, while over twenty-five thousand students have graduated from the various African nations.

The graduates of the Institute come from all walks of life and have made considerable impact in the world of business, gospel ministries, the medical field and corporate bodies.


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